Desperation: Why We Will Continue To Elect Awful Leaders

Desperation. It’s an important subject that I don’t think is discussed nearly enough on political and economic blogs/websites and that’s what I try and do here. I could talk about how screwed Japan is over and over again or how corrupt virtually every government is but I don’t. I leave that to the professionals. I like to talk about less obvious and more obscure topics because hey I’m a contrarian. The herd moves right and I go left.

Back to Desperation. People do dumb things when they are desperate. Really dumb things. 1920’s Germany’s hyperinflation debacle eventually led to the election of the Nazi party and Hitler.

Japan is in a similar situation with their current leader, Shinzo Abe. I know I said I wouldn’t talk about Japan but they make a great contemporary example of how people do dumb things when they are desperate. Shinzo Abe was elected because he promised his people the moon but now reality is setting in and he didn’t get the moon. He couldn’t even get them a small little comet and even the European Space Agency could do that! Perhaps they should run for office.

Shinzo Abe’s three arrows have become a bit of a laughing stock. One of his arrows won’t even fire anymore so he’s forced to spam fire his QE arrow. He’s failed to deliver on his promises and so will every other leader who makes big promises in these very dark times. He’s recently called for a snap election, because clearly it’s parliament’s fault and not his failed policies for the mess they are in. I’m picking on Abe because he’s an easy target. I could just have easily made a case for the current president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

The point is that it has become exceedingly obvious that politicians no longer have to be good at their job to get elected. They can skate by on big promises, grand statements, and “not doing stupid shit”. Of course these are terrible qualities to have in any human being let alone an elected official, and yet we continue to elect these people and as things get worse we will continue to elect the next moron to come up with some “grand scheme” to save us all from certain destruction but the inconvenient truth is NO ONE can save the current system. As the policies of the next politician fail people will become more desperate which in turn will force them to elect the next idiot who promises them the moon thus creating a downward spiral until the system collapses.

2 thoughts on “Desperation: Why We Will Continue To Elect Awful Leaders

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