The New Marshall Plan: EU Morghulis

Slowly but surely Europe will realize how screwed it is. Like an old man on his death bed coming to realize that all men must die. Talks of A New Marshall Program to save Europe from the deflation dragon are starting to spring up which immediately piqued my interest. There must be some irony here! And lo and behold there was!

The original Marshall Plan was the largest stimulus program of it’s time. The US spent billions upon billions of dollars rebuilding Europe after the most devastating war in human history. A war that resulted in the complete and utter destruction of entire cities, populations and ethnic groups. Farms factories, roads, towns, and millions of lives were destroyed in this most extreme example of human folly. WWII was awful. Everyone knows this, and the following stimulus program had to be of both equal and opposite in magnitude in order to bring Europe back from the dead.

So here’s where I see the absurdity. Europe needs a New Marshall Program but there’s been no major war for decades. Most of the major countries don’t even have a sizable army to waste precious resources on. There’s been no mass murders. No second holocaust. No Total War that resulted in the obliteration of humanity AND YET the politicians of these countries are calling for a New Marshall Program because there has been massive destruction. Millions of people have lost their life savings due to a banking system so corrupt and devastating that it requires a stimulus response equal to that of the post WWII era to counteract. Think about. European bankers and their counterparts in government have done economic damage equivalent to that of WWII. Or don’t, because when you do, it’s depressing … especially when you realize that Germany has once again conquered Europe.

Central Banks have been able to mask the destruction for a while now but that won’t last. The call for a new marshal program is another desperate gasp of an old man coming to grips with his mortality. It’s time to get ready for the end game. EU Morghulis.

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