US Treasuries: Squeezing Blood From The Stone


I’m hosting my best friend and roommate of five years’ bachelor party this weekend so unless another major financial shock happens I will be pretty quiet over the next few days.

With that said I’d like to mention that US 10 and 30 year treasury yields hit a new all time low today. With the entire Swiss yield curve out to 50 years, I believe there’s a lot more blood to squeeze out of these stones.

In short, US treasuries beat US stocks to new all time highs.
Don’t say you weren’t warned.

“I reiterate my love for long term US bonds. No way are we anywhere near the bottom in yields. I continue to think we will hit record lows on the 10 year bond later this year.” – February 8th, 2016…/the-market-discovers-…/

“Treasuries still remain an amazing bet and I’m still amazed how many people believed the Fed would be successful in raising rates.”
– Jan 20 2016…/slick-thoughts-a-shar…/

“Long Treasuries – Deflation is great for the dollar. Times of Crisis are even better. Crashing Commodities are even better for long term rates.”
– August 24th 2015…/the-end-is-nigh-china…/

“Yes I still believe there is room for the RECORD LOW long term US interest rates to fall even further.”
– January 20th 2015…/more-confirmation-fed…/

I think you get the point.

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